Argyle Pink Diamond Colour

Unlike Colourless And Near-Colourless Diamonds Which Are Valued For Their Lack Of Colour, Fancy Coloured Argyle Diamonds Are Valued For The Rarity And Intensity Of Their Colour.

Understanding Hue, Tone And Saturation Are Very Important When Considering The Colour And Value Of Pink Diamonds.

Hue Is The Dominant Colour Of The Diamond

Tone Is The Amount Of Light Or Darkness In The Diamond

Saturation Is The Strength Of Hue

Since The Price Per Carat Of A Pink Diamond Is Determined By The Intensity Of Its Colour, Argyle Has Developed A Grading System Which Is Based On Various Intensities Represented By Over 30 Different Colour Categories.

Argyle Pink Diamonds Are Allocated Into Four Separate Colour Classifications:

Purplish Pink – PP

Pink - P

Pink Rosé - PR

Pink Champagne - PC

The Diamonds Are Then Graded Based On Their Colour Intensity Ranging From 1 (The Highest) To 9 (The Lowest).

The Higher The Intensity Of Colour, The Rarer And More Valuable The Diamond.

It Is An Argyle Diamonds Unique Colours Which Distinguishes Them Amongst The Most Beautiful Gems In The World, Creating An Intriguing Display Of Both Character And Delicacy.

The Market For Pink, Red And Blue Diamonds Is Quite Separate To White Diamonds.

Due To Their Rarity, Argyle Diamonds Typically Command Prices Far In Excess Of Equivalent White Diamonds.

Love Is Something Of A Mystery – And So Is The Cause Of A Pink Diamond’s Colour.

It Is Believed That The Colour In A Pink Diamond Is Caused By Colour Centres. Colour Centres Can Selectively Absorb Light In The Visible Region Of The Spectrum. They Are The Result Of The Lattice Arrangement Of Atoms In The Crystal. These Arrangements Can Sometimes Cause Pink Graining In The Diamond. The Intensity Of The Colour Depends On The Amount Of Pink Graining Present.

With The Australian Argyle Diamond Mine Closing, Global Pink Diamond Supply Will Be Reduced By Over 90%.

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