Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds As An Investment

The Argyle Pink Diamond Has Become Today's Ultimate Possession, An Incomparable Object Of Desire That Has Captured The Imagination Of Connoisseurs And Collectors Around The Globe

No Other Diamonds On Earth Match The Rarity And Provenance Of Argyle Pink Diamonds

The Argyle Diamond Mine Produces Around 90% Of The World’s Pink Diamonds, Which Are Some Of The Most Expensive Gems On The Market

With The Lifecycle Of This Extraordinary Mine At Its End, We Have Seen And Continue To See, An Ever Increasing Demand Leading To Strong Value Appreciation For These Truly Limited Edition Diamonds

Since Pink Diamond Prices Have Been Recorded, They Have Never Seen A Decline In Value. This Is A Unique Attribute Of One Of Australia's, And The Worlds Greatest Natural Resources

Argyle Pink Diamond Certificates - Australian Diamond Network

We Provide Diamond Authenticity & Provenance

Only A Certified Australian Pink Diamond Has A Unique Serial Number Laser Inscribed On Its Girdle. This Number Can Be Validated By The Argyle Mine And Used To Appraise Its Rarity.

We Offer Market Access, Quality Certification, Resale Liquidity, And Expert Guidance

Buying At Retail And Reselling At Wholesale Is A Bad Idea, So You Need To Have Direct Access To International Dealer Prices And Markets.

Australian Argyle Pink Diamond Experts - Australian Diamond Network

Attractive Returns On Argyle Pink Investment Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamond Signature Tender Stones - Australian Diamond Network

The Rarity Of Argyle Pink Diamonds, Shaped By The Forces Of Supply And Demand, Speak Volumes About Their Investment Potential And Wealth Creation. Investors Are Increasingly Looking For Attractive, Tangible Assets With Low Volatility, And Low Correlation To Other Main Asset Classes That Offer Inflation Hedging Potential.

Wade Burbidge - Director Of Australian Diamond Network

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