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Diamonds / Natural / Round Shape


The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond's efficient use of light brings out the most brilliance, fire and scintillation of all the diamond shapes. With its timeless appeal, the round brilliant encompasses the diamond's inherent beauty, and is by far the most popular cut.

Diamonds / Natural / Princess Shape


The Princess Cut Diamond is designed for getting maximum sparkle from a square shape. If you love the fire of the traditional round brilliant cut, but you’re looking for a more contemporary style, consider a princess shape diamond.

Diamonds / Natural / Cushion Shape


Cushion Cut Diamonds have a marvellously romantic and classic look, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. The rounded corners and larger facets give the cushion cut diamond a soft and artistic look.

Diamonds / Natural / Asscher Shape


A square, symmetrical outline is what the Asscher Shape Diamond is known for, evoking an art deco feel. The striking asscher cut is designed to draw the eye into the clear unobstructed centre of the diamond, accentuating its clarity.

Diamonds / Natural / Pear Shape


Pear Cut Diamonds are known for their brilliance and timeless elegance, combining the soft, rounded end of a round brilliant shape with the sharp, tapered point of a marquise shape.

Diamonds / Natural / Emerald Shape


The unique appearance of the Emerald Cut Diamond is created by the step cuts of its pavilion and its large, open table. The emerald cut diamond, with its long, lean lines and dramatic flashes of light has an elegant appeal, encompassing a timeless look.

Diamonds / Natural / Oval Shape


Oval Shaped Diamonds appeal to those who like their classics with a little distinctness. When well proportioned, the elongated shape of an oval diamond creates the illusion of greater size and will exhibit brilliance between that of a round brilliant cut and a marquise shape.

Diamonds / Natural / Marquise Shape


Marquise Cut Diamonds generally look much larger from the “face up” position than other fancy shapes of the same carat weight, delivering drama with its brilliant facets and tapered points at two ends. Due to its ability to create a fresh, contemporary look, the marquise shape is most often seen as the centre diamond for engagement rings.

Diamonds / Natural / Radiant Shape


The Radiant Shape Diamond combines the geometrical lines of the emerald cut with the sparkling brilliance of the round brilliant. Its trimmed corners are the signature characteristic of this shape, and it can be cut to a square outline or an elongated rectangle outline.

Diamonds / Natural / Heart Shape


The shape of the Heart Cut Diamond is highly desirable as it is the epitome for romantic occasions and is a distinctive choice inspiring creativity for a variety of diamond jewellery.

Don't Feel Limited By What Is On Our Price List. 

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