Wade - Owner

It is thanks to his philosophy of outstanding quality in his product and service, combined with his visionary entrepreneurial spirit, that Wade has been able to successfully bring loose diamonds and diamond set jewellery to the online platform. His strategy has contributed to Australian Diamond Network's impact on the investment diamond and diamond jewellery world. Key factors in our firm's success include a significant brand expansion, a constant renewal of the product range with the introduction of new & increasingly sophisticated diamond jewellery pieces, and the development of entry level collections. And with a wider reaching communication strategy, Australian Diamond Network is now able to get closer to our customers in new and interactive ways.

Creativity, the ability to procure the best diamonds from anywhere in the world, jewellery making know-how, accessibility, and above all a commitment to providing his clients the best diamonds or diamond jewellery for their money, are what have made Wade and Australian Diamond Network so successful.

Owner of Australian Diamond Network | Wade Burbidge

"As the younger generation are reaching an age where they’re getting engaged, and they can afford quality fine diamond jewellery, they also have an ingrained understanding that they can search online and self-educate to find the best quality, selection and price. This stands in sharp contrast to a few years ago when a consumer could only go to a few jewellery stores, see one or two diamonds in each of these stores, and end up purchasing one of the few without the ability to really understand diamonds just from what they’re seeing in the store. At Australian Diamond Network, we’re looking to disrupt the traditional retail way of buying diamonds and jewellery. When customers purchase a loose diamond or fine diamond jewellery online from us, we want it to be a completely informed decision based not only on their emotional and aesthetic response to a piece, but also on an understanding of a diamonds characteristics and how those characteristics affect the diamonds appearance and value." 

Wade - Director of Australian Diamond Network