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Diamonds Are Some Of The Most Ancient Of Earths Minerals, And Each Pink Diamond From The Argyle Diamond Mine Has Its Own Captivating Story. 

A Pink Diamonds Value Is Directly Related To Its Rarity.

If Rarity And Desire Are The Two Things That Set The Price Of Coloured Diamonds, Then It Is No Surprise That Some Of The Rarest, Most Remarkable And Desirable Pink Diamonds In The World Are From The Celebrated Argyle Diamond Mine.

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Our Commitment To You Doesn’t End With Your Purchase.

Through Our Global Network We Can Assist You With Realising Your Investment In Pink Diamonds In The Future

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Due To Their Rarity, Pink Diamonds From Argyle Are Increasingly Sought After By Collectors And Connoisseurs Around The World.

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We Will Continually Assess The Current Market Conditions, To Determine The Optimal Realisation Periods.

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Our Extensive Experience Will Help Guide You In The Many Factors Involved In Selecting Your Rare And Collectable Pink Diamonds.

The Argyle Diamond Mine Stopped Production In November 2020.
With The Mine Now Finished Production, Pink Diamonds Are Set To Become Even More Valuable.

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Be A Part Of History

Over The Past 20 Years The Value Of Pink Diamonds From Argyle Sold At The Tender Have Appreciated 500 Per Cent On Average, Outperforming All Major Equity Markets.

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