Precision Cut Diamonds

Exceptional Light Performance Equals Exceptional Beauty

Crafted For Those Who Value The Finest Diamond Cut Available.

A Precision Cut Diamond represents the peak of craftsmanship in a round brilliant diamond. Reflecting their rarity, less than 1% of all diamonds polished today will be eligible to be called a Precision Cut Diamond. This rarity comes from the fact that the criteria used in selecting a precision cut diamond are extremely sensitive to deviations in symmetry from poor craftsmanship during the cutting process.

We provide our customers with a technical advantage.

This diamond exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of Hearts and Arrows, which demonstrates that the diamond exhibits superior optical precision.

Precision Cut Diamond from Australian Diamond Network displaying Hearts


Precision Cut Diamond from Australian Diamond Network displaying Arrows


Think of a diamond as a tiny geometrical sculpture where every facet has a purpose, and the beauty or performance of the sculpture depends on the precise alignment & angle of each individual facet.

Exceptional Fire, Brilliance and Scintillation

Australian Diamond Network considers several additional criteria when selecting diamonds, to ensure that the only diamonds we choose to be Precision Cut are truly beautiful.

By leveraging technology, we're able to provide our customers with the advantage of qualitative analysis tools such as microscopic photographs, full 360 videos, ASET and cut reports, which all contribute to provide a comprehensive overview of a diamond’s symmetry, optical performance, light performance, and transparency.

We invite you to contact us to discuss our current offerings of loose precision cut diamonds and see the difference meticulous craftsmanship can make to a diamond.

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