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Beyond The 4Cs

When it comes to understanding a diamonds true beauty, you need more than just the 4Cs.

Each of the 4Cs describes one of a diamonds core characteristics - Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. The 4Cs play an important role in determining a diamonds value. However, there is much more to a diamonds value…and its beauty...than just these four traits.

Uncut Rough Diamond


Before evaluating any diamond, Australian Diamond Network first ensures that all our diamonds originate from approved suppliers to ensure they are responsibly sourced.

A diamonds story combines many elements of a diamond's character, far beyond the 4Cs.

At Australian Diamond Network, we’ll go beyond the standard 4Cs to individually select only the most beautiful diamonds for your personal circumstances.

Parts of a diamond

Diamond Facets

It is the precise positioning and alignment of each diamond facet which causes them to act like tiny mirrors and interact with the light before returning it to your eyes in the form of Fire, Brilliance, and Scintillation.

Diamonds are assessed not only against the standard 4Cs, but also against a number of other criteria & factors that can have a significant effect upon the beauty and price of a diamond.

Cut determines how well a diamond reflects, refracts and returns light to the viewer.

While all grading reports assess a diamond for Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight (the standard 4Cs), Australian Diamond Network will individually offer you a selection of diamonds which reflect your desired criteria, to ensure that you are able to choose from only the most beautiful diamonds.

Diamond Option 1

Diamond Option 2

Diamond Option 3

By combining the traditional 4Cs, which measure a diamonds rarity, and its light performance & optical symmetry, Australian Diamond Network is able to offer the best perspective of a diamond’s perfection.

Go beyond the 4Cs with Australian Diamond Network, and own a diamond that is rare, beautiful and responsibly sourced.

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