Tired Of Searching For The Perfect Ring?

Let Us Make It For You.

How Does It Work?

STEP ONE - Questions

Let's talk design ideas, diamond options, and budget to work out the perfect ring design and diamond together.

STEP TWO - Design

Based on everything we discuss, once you're happy to proceed, our team provides a sketch of the ring design for your final approval.


Our team of skilled jewellers bring your ring to life.

STEP FOUR - Finished

Once your ring has passed our final quality controls, we'll be in contact to confirm where/when to send the ring (we don't want to ruin any surprises).

STEP FIVE - Delivery

We will deliver the ring to your doorstep with a registered overnight courier (and yes it's fully insured).

STEP SIX - Enjoy!

Bask in all of the compliments you'll receive about your new ring.

Let's create something remarkable!


How long does it usually take to make a custom ring?

Usually, your personalised item will be ready for you within 6-8 weeks after we've confirmed your design.

Here is an approximate outline of the time required for each stage of the process:

Design: As long as it takes for you to be happy with everything before we start to make your ring. Most customers only need to exchange a few messages with us, and we'll often be ready to make their piece within a few days. Others may take many weeks to figure out exactly what they want. When it comes to creating your design, we'll work at your pace.

Production: Approximately 6-8 weeks. Once you've approved the design and selected the main diamond, we'll manufacture your ring, finishing all of the details by hand. When it's ready, we'll be in contact to confirm the shipping address you provided when you placed the order. We will also confirm when you will be available to receive it.

Shipping: Overnight registered courier (domestic). Approximately 1 week for international orders. We offer free shipping within Australia, and the order is fully insured until it reaches you. For international orders, we send via Fedex (shipping costs are worked out before the order is placed and payment made).

When will I see a design? Can I see my design before I pay?

We don't charge a consultation fee to discuss your design, or to provide a quote on various ring/diamond options. In most cases, our jewellery designers will also create sketches of your design concepts once you're happy to proceed. However, we will require payment in full, or a deposit, prior to making your ring or holding any diamonds aside for you.

Does the ring come with a warranty or appraisal?

Manufacturer Warranty: We guarantee our workmanship and take responsibility for any structural defects. 

Jewellery Valuation: Along with any relevant diamond certificates, we also provide an independent 3rd party Jewellery Valuation on each piece that we make. You can be 100% confident that you'll receive exactly what you're expecting.

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